No matter what the special occasion, among all options limousines stand apart from all other luxury transportation options. But given the endless variety in the market, it can get intimidating to hire the right limousine service whether you are in Brisbane.

With services for everything from weddings to airport pick-and-drop, it’s necessary that you look at the key benefits and features each service has to offer. This will make your limo hire in Brisbane a much simpler task and save you your money and time.

Just keep these top five tips in mind for choosing the best limo service.

Vehicle Variety

Go with a limousine services provider that offers a wide range of vehicle offerings. Limousine cars come in a range of designs, forms, and brands such as executive sedans, vintage limos, convertibles, and party buses. Having them all under one roof will help you choose as per your specific needs.

If it’s a wedding, ask if the provider has a limousine that suits your wedding theme with matching colors. Or if you are arranging an airport limo transfer in Brisbane, choose among the preferred brands that appeal to a specific personality.


Depending on your budget, it’s crucial that you pick a limousine that you can afford. Prior to choosing a service, set aside a range. Most limo hire services in Brisbane either offer hourly pricing or charge by the packages, so based on the time you’ll be renting choose a plan accordingly.

Packages are ideal if you are hiring for a wedding whereas going by the hour will be better in the case of airport pick-up and drop-off. Also, remember that high-tech limousines with advanced features cost a lot more than standard ones so ask the provider before making the hire.

Professional Chauffeur

In order to reach the venue safely and on time, having a professional and well-trained chauffeur is crucial. Make sure you’re getting a quality chauffeur with the limousine service you’ll be booking.

See whether the chauffeur driving the limousine is trustworthy, has passed the recommended customer service training, and boasts excellent communication skills. Since they will be accompanying the person for the most part of the ride, necessary people skills and immaculate professionalism will make the person feel at ease.


Based on the number of people you want in your limousine, make sure you ask the service provider for the seating capacity. Booking a limousine with small space is ideal for a single person whereas a stretch limousine would be preferred for a wedding couple who may accompany their family and other guests along the way.

Also, don’t forget to give a heads up to your service provider on the luggage you’ll be bringing in the limousine. Different limousine models have varied seating and luggage space, thus giving an estimation will let you choose the ideal model for your needs.

Excellent Service and Reviews

Last but not least, definitely look for a limousine service provider that offers excellent services and handles everything smoothly from start to end.

For reviews and ratings, you can look them up online either on their website or listings. You can also ask one of your friends or acquaintances about their experience to finalize your pick.

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